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Finally I got my third tattoo, this one on impulse! Imagine, a tattoo on impulse. Eh! A lot of you do that too, I am not the only one.

So this was the surprise I planned for him. He could not really express how he felt after seeing it, which I guess is a good thing (or not! haha), he was expecting a pregnancy test or something for all I know, since I had built it up so much with my… “It’s not a thing, it’s a feeling~” and all that bullcrap. So, can’t really say if there was disappointment or …wonder, “how can she be so stupid to get my initials on her wrist??“. Okay this is a huge step, getting another person’s initials on you – F O R E V E R. Considering I have always had an issue with the word/feeling “forever”, this is a big deal.

What do you think?

PS: The birthday trip was awesome!


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