Break The Monotony

Off late, I have been playing with myappearance just a bit and it has been received well, by me first of all. And then a few.

A change is always nice. Be it a fancy or a casual hair accessory, a lil braid or statement earrings, a different lip shade or a not so obvious combination like a contemporary dress with punjabi jootis.. play around a bit. It’s fun.

The first rule of fashion for me is there are no rules. It’s self expression and every girl, every boy is different. Everybody has a perception and they must not shy away from expressing it. Be it through a tattoo or your words, be it through a dance or a song… be it through your outfit or your attitude. Fashion is everywhere & passion takes it a notch up.

b r e a k

t h e

m o n o t o n y

I admire people who attempt that.


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