Thought Bubble Text.

I have observed that each time I do something nice for myself, be it anything (doesn’t have to be anything substantial), I end up feeling better. I end up giving more.

Rule number 1 of Self Love is TAKING CARE OF YOUR MENTAL HEALTH. Even if it means just smiling for no reason at all. Just smile? Yes, just smile. Reflecting on what all you have is any day better than thinking about all these things that you do not yet have…or could never do.

Who doesn’t want to see every beautiful place in the world? Who doesn’t want all those amazing hand bags and shoes to go with all those hand bags? :p ( Not that it’s priority number one for me! I like dresses too.  )

One step at a time. In the end, what matters is how content you are. Contentment > Desire. Desire is necessary, yes. You have to grow in life, but not at the cost of your peace. Not at the cost of your relationships and sanity. Ambition is good, but greed ain’t. Planning is good, short cuts aren’t.

Anyway. Thinking of some self love quickies for myself – on paper, for you to read. Who knows..might work for you too.

  • Work Out – even if it means I do 2 sets of crunches / walk a couple of kilometers, some random squats or lunges. Could be anything – any number of reps. I have to do it because it always makes me feel better. It’s definitely not just for the body.
  • Dance a little dance. Just grab the baby of your house, your friend, your husband, a parent…anybody! And if there’s no one around, dance a little dance by yourself. Why not!
  • Cook. I don’t have to prepare a whole meal – just cook something. It’s a joy for me. Because EATING is.
– why the fuck not! –
  • Talking about food, don’t stop yourself from indulging once in a while and if need be – dig in a box of your favorite ice cream.
  • Coffee Shops. I am not a coffee person but I am a “I love the smell of coffee” person for sure. The aroma works like therapy for me. So next time I want to just head out somewhere, it should be a coffee shop. Pick a book or laptop and just sit with these friends. Enjoy the solitude.
  • Talking about solitude reminded me of nature. Nature walks never fail and I mean it. Walking in a lush green garden with my favorite music for company helps me release some major endorphins. Hmm I must do this often. The weather does not allow that these days, it’s like 43 degrees Celsius. But whenever it does, I must.
  • Spending time with friends and family – the ones who get you, the ones who let you be you. There could be friends in family too. We live in the day and age where if you have one genuine friend who cares – you are lucky. So spend time with these people.
  • Girlfriends. Specially girl pals. There is nothing like mindless gossip, serious heartfelt one on one conversations and hogging with a girl friend. Shopping OF COURSE. The best thing you can do is travel together. No boys!
Photo from Gangtok, Sikkim where I traveled with a constant of mine. Sonal.
  • Retail therapy. Work, save, shop, repeat. Please. Often.
  • And of course, last but definitely not the least favorite therapy : pick up my canon and shoot. 

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