leap of faith.

An idea popped up out of nowhere this morning while I was in the car on my way back to my husband’s from my parents’. I have been oscillating, like a pendulum yeah. From nowhere, to nowhere. But today, I can say that I strongly feel I see something that could take me home.

I am working on my relationship with myself. The most important relationship in the world, after all – all the others depend on this one relationship. It’s very important for me to take one step at a time though and not take up too much too fast.

The haze is clearing up again. The challenge is – I keep it clear this time. I can’t let dust settle in again. I can’t get careless again. I don’t want to make a residence out of the darkhouse again. Hold on to the thought. This beautiful voice inside is telling me to hold on…don’t let go this time.

Life is beautiful.


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