So many things.

Oh well, back at a coffee shop 🙂 I have my camera in the bag too but I decided to go with the idea of sitting here with my laptop going tiptaptip on the keyboard. I love the intensity with which I hit the ENTER key. It’s funny I do it mostly with the middle finger, ha!


There again. ha ha!

Anyway. Two hours ago I was in the bed catching up on my afternoon nap, oh they are heavenly. I wish I slept that well in the night.Or maybe that is because of the afternoon naps? Hmm, never mind. I am not giving up on those.

I am on to something. I am fixing my “emotional diet”. What’s that? It is what you feed your mind, day in and day out. Especially the first thing in the morning and the last at night. What we read, watch, listen to affects our mind to an extent we don’t realize. Also, I think I have been overdosing on a few “APPS” on the phone, so those are going to go or I am not going to be using them as much as I have been.

I think I need it. I need socialmedia detox, like I have needed it a lot of times but succumbed to the temptation of it, only to return to these dreadfully addictive applications.

Over the next few days. I will share how I am feeling without seeing what you are choosing to show me about your life. Also, a lot about what I have been showing about my life won’t be on display except in my words here. Off late, I have started detesting the concept of “Stories”.

Stories are meant to be written in words. The photographers might disagree with me but I am at a point now where I need to express better, not vague. Enough of vague.

AND all of a sudden, I am craving beach in a good weather.

There are so many wishes, a few to prioritize. I am going to fulfill them all. This positive state of mind hits me in spurts. ~ IT’S SUNDAY. And I am royally enjoying my solitude. I must, must, must keep this going. Writing a journal is better than the therapy I took once. I know I need a pet but that is one of those wishes, to be fulfilled.

Confession: I see a couple with a baby and I see a couple walking a dog. I go awwww for the latter. 😉

I’ll write to you again.


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