A Random Vegetarian Day

Okay, I am comfortable now. There is my favorite chai in my system again. Ginger Honey..Mmmmmm. I have pulled the coffee shop table very close to me, and I am almost slouching in their couch. My spinach and corn cheese sandwich is getting prepared and the husband is on his way back – coffee shop, not home. I have asked him to come here and meet me. It’s nice to meet like old times after marriage.

Okay. The sandwich sucks. I recently turned into a vegetarian. The ‘I can have the curry but not the chicken’ kind of vegetarian. Not the ‘I can’t have anything off your chicken infested plate, ewww‘ kinds. I mean, I have had kangaroo salami, beef, pork, lamb, fish – the works. And most of them were good to taste (sounds terrible). Why the change then? Why have I left it? I have not left it forever. Uh huh? Well, forever is a huge commitment. I may pass KFC and dive in for the fried chicken any day. But till I can avoid, I shall. #NoAnimalsOnMyPlate ? Am I an animal lover? Of course I am an animal lover, I won’t hurt a fly. So how do I so easily contradict myself when I go “mmmmmmmm” after eating a bite of pepperoni pizza? It’s just that I am not comfortable with this duality anymore. Either I stop eating animals or I love them. There is just one possibility. I definitely love animals. Why is eating a dead lamb alright but eating a human is extreme? You know what I mean? No I am not suggesting eat a human, duh.

Anyway, just clearing my thoughts and this sandwich grew on me while doing that. I have left the other one for the husband but if he takes long, ha.

Also, wherever I sit, I always find two couples, two very different couples. One of them is always sort of seriously involved in a conversation while the other couple is in the phase of getting to know each other. And if you look outside through the glass, you always find someone taking a selfie or a #boyfriendOfInstagram while the girl royally poses. How do they do that so easily! BAFFLED.

Someday, I want to do that on the streets of New York or London. Till then, Connaught Place will do.


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