People step into your life as Chapters but some chapters don’t end. They stay. I have some in my life and I am going to write about one of those today. His name is Vivek.

I don’t think though, that I can do justice to our bond in words. I can smile. He is a friend, a true friend, to say the least. Well, me referring to a human being as a “friend” is also a big deal alright.

So this guy and me are friends since (I don’t remember Vivek, 2016!?) Yeah, 2016. And we met just once. So, this relationship is deep in that sense that we don’t have to meet often to stay friends, to be comfortable enough to confess random things about our personal lives and in the process help each other by giving an unbiased point of view.

Shit, there is no picture of both of us together. He is a good photographer too. Too? I complimented myself, too :p When we met, he took a really beautiful portrait of mine. Some people are just easy to photograph and I, definitely am not one of those. I am difficult in every sense possible. A difficult daughter, a difficult wife, a difficult friend, a difficult soul to live with. And guess what, I am proud and frustrated.

Vivek and I became friends on a video broadcasting Application called Periscope, I adored his broadcasts, I thought he spoke well and was super candid. We had this one thing in common then, which somehow brought us back together recently, after he took off for an year and more. Yes, there was a time when we stopped talking and maybe rightly so. Sometimes, we need to give ourselves a good time away from a person to heal a part of us that was hurt. And I feel, it happens often in my friendships. My friends move away. And then I get them back.

But I am talking only about the “chapters”. The ones who never were friends never get back, neither do I feel the distance. I felt this distance.

Well, relationships change like seasons. But I know this one’s there for good. That thought is comforting enough when it comes to soul connections. They stay and that is a relief. It’s the beginning of autumn now and I love the fuzzy warm feeling this season brings.

This is more like a letter. You mean a lot to me, dear friend. I hope we meet again someday and this time, get loads of photographs. One for each season 🙂



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