are we ready?

So am I ready to ditch it? Yes.

This sounds like an apt conclusion for a post.

I want to write so much. I know I need a Kadak Chai though, green tea just does not cut it. I mean I don`t even respect it enough to capitalize the first alphabet like I did with Kadak and Chai. Did you notice? Anyway.

Coming to the theme of this post.

I have recently developed a strong distaste for something with a real ugly long-term impact called the “Beauty Filter”. We have all used it – some of us do it everyday, a few of us on the weekends because that is when we get ready! And a lot of us do it all the time on Snapchat where the skin gets a magical transformation as soon as you open the AppFilters. Not just the skin (blemish and wrinkle free!), you get free mascara, a variety of lip colors to try, a winged eye look (I still don’t know how to do it but why fret when you have snapchat!? you know.) Not just this… you get a frikkin jawline to die for.

It’s not just the Applications but the in-built camera on your phone comes with a Beauty mode. You just have to select it and there goes your self esteem. Rocket high! Wow, I look so pretty.


I was thinking to myself the other day, what is beauty anyway? We have been talking about BODY SHAMING since a while. How body shaming affects us psychologically, how it is happening inside our homes, how our own parents and siblings some times end up body shaming us, how your body type is not supposed to be the criterion. How the word “FAT” or “SKINNY” is as demeaning as “mental”. How we ourselves end up body shaming our own selves. Don’t we?

Just like body shaming, there’s color. No you cannot deny it but hamare desh mein, the darker skin tones are not considered “beautiful”. At least not as beautiful as the fairer ones. Ladki gori honi chahiye.

Gori lag rahi hai aaj. Kuch karwaya hai?

Beta ye laga / ye kha – gori ho jayegi.

chai peene se kaale ho jaate hai.

Don’t you sleep? What’s with the dark circles?

Rings a bell?

Well. You start believing what you listen to at the impressionable age and there goes your self-esteem. You start comparing your body type, your skin color, your hair length, your clothes with someone else who is beautiful according to the society’s standard of beauty. And sadly you forget, this is not you. You are what you do, you are what you feel, you are what you think. Your actions define you, your clothes do not. Your successes and your ability to rise after the failures define you, not your skin color… your kindness and compassion defines you, not your body type.

Then why do we focus more on the society’s idea of beauty and not your real self? How do we become a better human vs What are my angles!? (thinner/fairer/fitter) Take another photo Goddammit!

The phone companies decided to bank on this and started selling their phones with their cameras that make you look the way (or close to it) your mind agrees with. On the screen, you look just the way your mind got washed into thinking. Fair is beautiful. Blemishes are ugly. A zit is shit. Oh but it’s natural to grow up with it. You live in a polluted city, you are not equipped with facilities to avoid the harsh sun and pollution, you have a job to do. Your skin will go through changes as it ages. You cannot avoid wrinkles. You cannot avoid grey hair. You cannot avoid aging! Oh that is another topic.

I have been an extensive Snapchat user. The application is not hogging any space on my phone now. I have been using the “beauty” mode on my phone too (to which my husband objects. He said – be natural.) In fact, my husband’s constant objection to clicking selfies in the beauty mode is what led me to think over it. I don’t need to use what the phone company and the society at large think will make me look “beautiful”. I have my own standards of beauty, henceforth.

So am I ready to ditch the beauty filter and embrace the dark circles? Yes.

24-07-2020 : I am still using the BEAUTY FILTER.


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