Kya haal hai ?

Kaafi waqt ho gaya, I haven’t written anything. Why do I forget I have this place to unload myself? Should I swear on someone to come here and write every day or every night? Ideally.. every night. Well that helped me to go to the gym once and also, swearing on someone (very close) helped me stay off Instagram for two weeks. That is a big deal alright. Big for me.


I just got back from the gym and took my shower, no wonder I craved to write something. Anything. Again. The magic of happy hormones and all that. By the way, hormones ne le lee hai. Anxiety and depression have been playing a menace. I have been better since two days.

Sometimes you just don’t know who to go to. And there comes a time when hiding tears is next to impossible. But then, changes happen. There has been a shift.

I have been repeating these three words in my head, “This is temporary.”

It’s been working like a magic mantra. I forgot all about it and suddenly I remembered… this won’t last long. I am closer to the most important thing in anybody’s life : home. I have cried enough, I’ve been unsettled for long. It’s time for LIFE to happen. It’s time to settle down.


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