I am over you. I am not interested in your life, what you are doing, where you are going, what you are eating, what you are buying and wearing.

Dear fellow Instagrammer/Facebook “friend”, I am done with your life. To be honest, I was never that into you anyway. And I know, neither are you. What I don’t understand is, why we spent so much time peeping into each other’s lives. Who are you and how deeply you affect my life and thoughts anyway? I barely know you, you barely know me – yet we know so much about what we are doing. I know which perfume you use, you know what I had for lunch. Do we know how we are feeling though? I am interested in that, yes I am.

On Twitter, we talk, vaguely. There are times late in the night when we slightly give ourselves away and the people in our lives, “the real life”, raise an eyebrow and talk.

Why did she type what she did? Is she talking about me? Is it her husband?

Human beings. We are a little afraid to talk about how the poor heart is doing, what the tormented soul is going through. We throw in emojis – completely contradicting the shape and color of our hearts. We are addicted to the pretense. It’s safer than having to explain you know. Yes, you do know. Uncertain who could be trusted and who’s going to be all judgmental, we bottle up for the longest time and then one not so fine day, we end up in a room of a stranger. The board outside reads the name of this stranger and her title – Psychiatrist.

And then we go through that awkward moment – sharing the deepest and darkest with someone we hope would prescribe something that would ease the process of dealing with life.

When and how did it get so bad? From where? Why! Why did we let it linger for so long. For sure there are people in our lives we love and adore. Why couldn’t we confide? We should have, we definitely could have. So what if they did not seem interested. Maybe they had their own demons to deal with, maybe they were addicted to pretense and playing it safe themselves.


I don’t know the moral of the story, what story? The stories inside us that we keep unshared. The exact purpose of this Blog. It’s my SPACE. These are my words – poured and devoured by me and you. About me and you.

So together, so alone.



  1. srijan · September 21, 2019

    if the person, you love the most cared enough, you’d never feel this way. what is it worth loving, when you still have a side to you about which no one knows. the moral is simple, no one is really worth it until you find someone who is. 🙂


    • Dipti Malhotra · September 21, 2019

      Sometimes, we build such strong walls around us, even the ones we love have to struggle hard to break them. Some of us are lucky, the walls do break 🙂


      • srijan · September 21, 2019

        that’s just a nice way to put it. this world is rather cruel and it lacks love. but that’s just my opinion 🙂


      • Dipti Malhotra · September 21, 2019


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  2. Manoj Mehra · October 28, 2019

    People have become an attention seeker. They just want to gain attention of others by doing weird things and posting them on the internet. They have lost their patience and have become judgemental. They have lost the originality.

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