Photo : Self Portrait

This one is old, like 4 years maybe? That was the time when I made massive love to the camera. And it brought me closer to myself. I am a self-portraiture junkie, it works like therapy for me. The last couple of years though, unintentionally, it just did not happen. For reason, unknown, I have not been picking up the camera as often as I used to, to photograph a moment – forget self portraiture.

Confession: I have started missing it. Finally. I feel I need that black body again.



  1. srijan · September 22, 2019

    Why did you stop doing, what you once loved the most?


    • Dipti Malhotra · September 22, 2019

      Not the most, but yes I loved it. And as I mentioned, for some reason unknown. What’s important is, there is an urge to pick it up again.


      • srijan · September 22, 2019

        i loved watering this lil plant. i would help it in a place it could get some sunlight. would sit next to it and trim it, as and when it was required. but then one day, i stopped for some “unknown reason” and well, a few years passed by, and i was alone this one evening. i glanced at that plant. it was there yet not; withered. 🙂

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      • Dipti Malhotra · September 22, 2019


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