The Final Chapter – 2019

I hear this often these days, “How this year flew away! How time passes! It’s December in a few days!“. Well I usually feel the speed of an year passing by too, just that, this was the longest year ever in the history of all my years so far – and trust me, there have been many :p

First thing first – I think I have found the right tune for the moment on YouTube.

Tunes, they are important to me. I sort of need a piece of background music for everything. Something has to be playing.

So.. a long 2019 is finally in it’s last chapter and I couldn’t be more relieved. It was the second year of my marriage and I know they (who are these people?) say the first one is pretty challenging..for me, it was the second. Don’t worry, all is well! In fact, we are laughing together more than we ever used to. I won’t get into the ‘issues’ for now – let’s keep this blog light and easy. 🙂 I am not in that head space either to delve. All I know is, I am so close to living my best life.

Also, I have to make sure I live up to my own expectations and believe me, I am SO EXCITED. I don’t express it often because you know, I have waited so much for this and now that it’s happening for me – I fall short of words to express how exactly I am feeling. Let’s just say – EXTREMELY GRATEFUL.

I feel I am getting married in a month or two. There will be a new set of challenges, the challenges that I asked for. I will be doing things that I want to do, not that are expected out of me. I will finally be on my own and strive to be the woman I connect the most with. Me.


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