Feel Good…

The “feel good” vibes, oh how addicted I am to those delicious vibes…

You know what “chilling” is for me? It’s December, nippy. I just had my staple – One egg Omelette with a buttered toast kissed with garlic, and of course my cup (a beautiful mug) of lemon green tea. No I don’t drink green tea to lose weight, not yet. For now, I am having it just because it soothes my nerves.

My legs are snug inside my freshly dry-cleaned winter quilt. I am in the middle of watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Miriam is doing her regular drunk stand-up comedy ( I have just started season 1 ) … and then I felt like sharing this perfect moment with you. So I logged on to Unplugged (this blog’s current name, I don’t know what it is now while you are reading it).

And as soon as the blank page loaded, my perfect moment was ruined by a fucking doorbell.

How much do you hate them door bells!? They have been getting on my nerves!

Note to self : No doorbell in the new house.

(I know that ain’t happening)

Ok bye.


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