Till about half an hour ago, I was a picture of negativity – pissed off, hurt, hopeless. And then something happened and changed it all. A complete stranger was kind to me without any ulterior motive and I surprised myself with a smile I had no hope of flashing today. It was genuine. Thank God for small mercies, thank God for kind people.

And right now, I am at my happy place where there is just food and my laptop for company. Sometimes (for me, that is a few hours every day), one needs to be all by themselves with just their thoughts and madness for company. A little mustard and potato bites don’t bite.

The server just asked me how my omelette was with an expression that suggested he wanted a bite, or maybe it was just my imagination. Sometimes, I feel like asking them to have a bite.. but, um, inappropriate yeah..


I just posted a thought on my social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and people seem to be agreeing with a laugh.

” You are married, not conjoined. You definitely don’t have to go everywhere together. “

Right?? I mean what is this! I am all in for walking hand in hand with your partner, being cozy and mushy sometimes, having a blast together too. Great. I do that too, love it too. But my space and my life is fiercely mine. I like to keep it separate – I mean, I spent 35 years without this person, doing my own thing, living my own life – perfectly happy in my world too. I fell in love and bam! Suddenly we are married and living together. I am still the same girl…who loved her company more than anyone else’s. Well, I do love hanging out with humans once in a while. Just that, it can’t be a norm. Now, being married definitely does not mean that we have to accompany each other to every social gathering or even for basic things. Space >

I chose not to have breakfast at the house today and had a fucking amazing time eating my breakfast all by myself. Like a queen, like royalty. Ooh, the joy of being served 😉

The joy of doing things for yourself. Buying pretty things, having scrumptious food, fine dining et al.

Of course it takes money. 2020 – Thou shalt make me richer. I am not very ambitious in life but I like a few luxuries and I know I gotta work my ass off for that. I definitely will.

I am so hopeful and positive I can’t tell you so I am going to leave it at that. Be good.




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