A fall; not actually.

So, quick updates!

I had a little fall and fractured my left foot last Sunday. What! It felt like I just missed a step and twisted my ankle. Didn’t seem like I’d be stuck in a cast for 4-5 weeks. It’s Thursday and yes, this is the first time in my entire life that I have not walked for that long, except when I was a toddler and did not really know how to! Now I got to re-learn. Specially without any alcohol in my system. Shh!

I have all the time in the world and no where to go. I am getting photoshoot assignments AT THIS TIME. Can you imagine I’ve been waiting since a while to get shoots and now that I cannot, they are calling. Tease! God I can feel you smirking with your Jack Daniels in hand. :p Anyway, I know you have something sexier planned for me. I know you are challenging me because something interesting and better suited is coming my way.

Ooh, my mum thinks I can write a book.

Hmm! Now that is a thought. I’ll talk to you later.


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