9th March, 2020

10:16 AM

Something or the other keeps popping up in the head. It’s like, I want to constantly keep jotting things down – as thoughts come. Because I just don’t want to forget sharing with you later.

You are nobody, you are every body.

In a single day, there are things that suddenly weigh me down and surprisingly lift me up. Something is always there to be grateful for.

Like last night, when we finally got back home after a not-a-long-day-really and the moment I rested my head on the pillow, I experienced bliss. It felt like a long day, the movie was boring (Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhaan) and my leg did not allow me to walk much. Yes I got two books – excited to read them, like wooohoooo!! Currently reading Oprah’s book and loving every bit of it. Have to finish it as soon as I can so that I can jump to the next. It’s like a rebound situation. When you read a good book and it’s over, you just want to get on to the next one super quick because the withdrawals are bad.

In other news, I lost my glasses a couple of weeks ago and I hate wearing lenses so all these days, I was in bed, I could not watch TV too. Now I am walking a little..thank God. And I was at my parents’ this weekend. In my room, I just happened to open a drawer and I found my old pair of glasses in it (Like, 4 years ago – boring – geeky). I was thrilled. Something is better than nothing, I can watch the television again!!

Joy :p

It’s HOLI tomorrow, the festival of colors. I have always celebrated it – reminds me of my childhood. It’s my favorite. But this year, with the CORONA dread all around, celebrations have been called off because too many people getting together in one place is just a very bad idea. Precaution is always better than cure. Bleh..

So, it’s sort of sad and mellow. The air, the vibe. I am trying to lift it up by playing Holi songs, ordering mithaai and colors. Kuch to karenge bhai…

The virus has to go away! Let’s drink to that!


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