I don’t know how to love.

It’s bittersweet. I fight a lot.. I fight what and who I love a lot.

I have been so mean and rude to someone who loves me the most and I don’t know where that anger has been coming from. Why now? Why now when everything is as perfect as it could be?

Has it become a habit to be a bitch to people who care the most? Not that I am very nice to people who are not close, either. I mostly pretend to be indifferent and it suits me just fine. I care enough, in the sense that I want people to be smiling, to be healthy and to be content. And it disturbs me when they are not. It does affect me. I hate being affected.

I miss him the moment he picks up his office bag to leave every morning, I can’t help but feel sad that I won’t see him till 8 in the evening. I don’t know why I live in this constant fear that I will not see him again.

But I will, I always will. He will always come back home and hug me. He will keep smiling and make me laugh. I will fight with him and he will love me more.

We will always be together in love.


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