It’s going well ~

Hello Quarantined World!!

How’s it going? For me, it’s not bad at all (not saying it’s great either). I don’t feel much change because I have always been a homebody. I only have another person at home now, who is mostly watching Netflix or busy on his Play station. Yes, summer holidays vibes . *major eyerolls*

I won’t say it is smooth sailing with someone always around. Even if that someone is the person you fell in love with and married. I try to keep the distance that suits my mind. The moment that line is crossed, I lose my shit and how. Yes I have mostly spent my life by myself (with a couple of people living in the same house).

This quarantine is teaching me to ~Ignore~ a few things and TRY SO HARD to be calm. Well, it’s just about starting to teach me, I’d say..

I am super grateful though that my husband is the one I am locked in the house with. He is the best quarantine partner for me. Thank GOD for this match that was definitely made in heaven. 😀

Yesterday was my birthday 🙂 It went surprisingly well, something I was not expecting during a lock down. I baked my own birthday cake, it tastes divine. Not just saying. I am not the person who can praise her own self easily (though I should be that person), so yes, when I say it’s divine – it is fucking good.

The day was breezy. There were moments when I was touched by the wishes and my eyes welled up missing family and wanting to be with them and exchange warm hugs. Those endorphin boosters.

I hope the situation gets absolutely normal in the world very soon. We need those days back when Corona was just a beer.


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