Day 1 : Ten Things That Make Me Really Happy!

Okayyy. The “Writing Challenge” was to begin on the 1st of April but it’s 3rd now, so what, I will start now 😀

By the way, the 1st of April just passed and the 2nd of April was spent sleeping. My day actually started at 5 pm. This Quarantine has screwed up everybody’s sleeping cycles, not just mine. I know 5 pm is a bit much but then a lot happened between 12 noon and 1:30 pm too. (I had a fight with him!)

All’s well, he’s still a good quarantine partner. We worked out together today and then I made Halwa. I only know how much sugar went in that. And then I made Pasta… I only know how much butter went in that too :/ Anyway.

So, the topic for DAY 1 is : Ten Things That Make Me Really Happy.

  • My Freedom. I am a free bird and I am the happiest when I am free. I am the happiest when I can do what I want to do, when I want to do it. However and Whatever.
  • Spending time with Varun. We have an extremely special and unique bond. He is my husband but a friend first, and not just any friend – he is that friend who gets to listen to my thoughts at the same time as I do. Without judgement. It’s just very easy to be around him and no one else could deal with me the way he does. Spending time with him makes me really, really happy.
  • My parents. They are the best. Yes everybody’s parents are the best but mine are THE BEST. Okay so are yours ❤ All parents are amazing. So yes you know what I am saying. My parents have really been there for me. I owe my life and happiness to them. They are a blessing to me and I only thank God for giving them to me. Oh and they are fun too!
  • My nieces and nephews. Aahana, Hridya, Rehaan and Abeer. They are the chocolates of my life. Just watching them talk and do what they do makes me smile. I hope they grow up to be very happy and beautiful human beings. ❤
  • Having a life of my own. I have a gift. I can never get bored when I am alone. In fact, I am the happiest when I have just me for company. The voices in my head are fun.
  • Spending time with people I call friends. There are very few and I am glad there are few! They are the ones who love me for who I am and there is no doubt about it. There is a thing about constants. You can count on them to be there for you in your sorrows as well as the joys. It’s so important to have these people in your life who will cry for you and also celebrate your happiness with you. I am blessed.
  • Cooking. I love food. I love eating, so yes, I love cooking. It works like that.
  • Movies and Books!!! Whoever invented CINEMA – THANK YOU. Cinema is magic. Going to a theater is an experience in itself and I am as excited to watch a movie as I used to be years ago. From the moment the ticket is booked till I get to sit on my seat – I AM EXCITED. Books! A good book has a special ability to take you into another world without a ticket. A new book makes me very happy, happier than when I buy makeup.
  • Dogs. I don’t have words. They are angels and I know I need one in my life again. Having a dog around is the biggest healer. They are just the cutest animals in the world!!!
  • Fitting into clothes I deem hot. It’s been a while I had that feeling but yes I am working towards that. OKAY I AM TRYING. Those ab crunches, planks and leg raises killed me today. I don’t know what to do with the halwa now. (will eat a bit every day, not much. It’s all about balancing!)

So these are the top 10 things that make me really happy. Of course there are more..lots more. Life is beautiful.



  1. Manoj Mehra · April 4, 2020

    Indeed, whoever invented cinema deserves a thank you.

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  2. herlavishhustle · May 31, 2020


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