Day 3- The Top 3 Pet Peeves

Just three!

I have issues. I know if I get down to writing this, the blog would be nothing but the diary of a silly ol cranky woman who has notions that the world should be just as she wants, otherwise it’s just wrong.

On top of my mind then…

  • An unmade bed. Crumpled bedsheets. Anything extra on the bed, like you know..laundry? Some people have a habit of keeping just anything on the bed and things keep piling on and on. How do they live! You lie down on the bed to relax yourself, how do you do that with these extra things on the bed? Doesn’t that mean putting more work in front of you? Right in front of you. Food. How do people sleep where there are food droppings. If you’ve eaten on the bed, please be clean and nice. In case you dropped something, clean!!! Like right now.
  • So food takes me to..this common one. I don’t really enjoy eating alone but then, the problem with eating around someone else is the sounds. Oh My God. So yes, the music is mostly on in that case. You know. Also, please don’t talk to me while I’m eating. I won’t answer back. Actually, I should eat alone. Now I mostly do. Grateful!
  • I have an issue with the sales staff being over enthusiastic about helping you make a purchase. I, as a person, hate to be told what to do. Specially when I’m spending my money. Help me when I ask for it. I literally leave the shop where there’s any person who’s sole aim in life is to make a sale to me.

You know, three is too less.


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