Cutting Down.

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Oh Finally! It’s working fine.

And finally, a word got written.

It’s been 2 months since the “lockdown” and things are getting better now, in the sense that places are opening up and people are going back to their jobs. A sense of normalcy….hmm, dreamy much? It’s anything but normal right now but it’s still better than a lot of places.

I live in Gurugram. It’s an ORANGE ZONE. What is an orange zone? You know! You are living this strange nightmare too. I hope you are not in RED.

Anyway. So, how did I get my ass here again? It’s been so long (AGAIN!). What’s happening is – I am cutting down. I am cutting down on all the applications and things that are not doing much good to me. I have signed out of Instagram, as we speak. The culprit! So I am going to give myself a month, AT LEAST, to note down all the changes that I feel during this process of cutting down. I am pretty sure it will do me some major good. What good? No idea. But a girl is bound to do something with all the time she’s gifting herself right.

Okay, back to cooking supper.

Take care ❤


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