Another day in paradise.

No delicious thoughts on my mind right now. It is 5:30 pm.. and bloody hot. I think I hold my air con dearer than anything else right now. A minute of no power back up and I am a wild, evil woman.

How is life going? It feels like it is going. Passing… to be honest. Obviously we are not “living it up” right now, thanks to the situation in the world. In my country, Maharashtra is the worst hit and I feel for them. The situation is grave and there is a sense of helplessness.

Every day, every morning I think – ENOUGH. I will not talk, think or feel negative. I will try to look at the positive side.. I will try to brighten a dull day.

And then a news story appears out of nowhere. What to do? Shut down.

And on top of all this, when there are cooking disasters and when you feel bloated for no reason – you just lose your mind.

Fuck it. I am going to eat something tasty, read my book, make fun of the boy and laugh with him, play another game of Ludo, tweet some shit and sleep.

Just like yesterday…. and the day before.


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