Probably not the best time to write. So I think I should go ahead with it.

I feel disappointed right now. Disappointed in us. I think we humans need to just fucking stop trying to portray we are happy when most of us don’t even know what true happiness is. Happiness is different things to different people. Love, good health, true friends and a supportive and loving family. Small things. Peace of mind. Freedom. Space. Success. Ability to do what you want… etc.

Hmm…so many things eh? It is what it is. I am greedy.. I want everything.

It’s not happening right now but I am not going to focus on what’s not happening. I have read if you focus on abundance, you attract it. Let’s try, I have nothing to lose.

30-06-2020 – Broke and broken. Hurt and disappointed. Dependent and lost.

Let’s change that. Tomorrow is a new day. No more pretense. Yes life is good but life needs to be amazing. I definitely am in the second half of my life. Who knows how long I have? Nobody can deny the unpredictability of life.

I don’t know what I am going to do, but I do know I need to switch.

There was a time when I completely stopped giving a fuck and that was when things started to change for the better. Maybe it’s time to do the same again. I may hurt some people in the process but then, I am greedy and I want everything and I will get it all back.


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