Has anybody every written for an entire day? I want to find the hour when I feel most driven. There was a time when I used to sleep at the break of dawn after a whole night of blogging/overthinking/talking to someone/feeling a myriad of emotions/dreaming and enacting.

But since I got married, things changed, my fuckin sleep pattern changed. Now I sleep all night and I feel unlike myself the entire day. It will be three years in December. As if I am not used to feeling/thinking during the day. That obviously does not make any sense. Now even if I want to, I can’t stay up all night to be that 3 am writer. Oh I just checked, the account “The3AMWriter” is registered on Instagram.. even 2 am is. A lot of people think alike it seems. :/

Urgh. Anyway.

I think I need to have some pineapple. Serotonin please. Also, let’s start working out already !? I am talking to myself.


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