In the middle of September.

I have the news as the background score today while typing, yes Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case… now almost confirmed that he was in fact murdered and did not kill himself. Well, almost. There’s some new development, theory and statement every day; it reminds me of 2008’s Arushi murder case. The one that turned into a never ending saga as well. I think that one never reached it’s conclusion, though the parents did their time in prison. I fear this one will be the same and Rhea is doing her time. The last I heard, she was denied bail. I am NOT following the case as vehemently as I was a month ago. I think I got sick of the drama. They are digging up Disha’s (Sushant’s ex manager) death now – she reportedly committed suicide a week prior to Sushant… and even this one is being suspected as Murder.


Anyway. I have spent easily more than 10 days without my magic pill and I haven’t experienced any episode. Phew. I am being careful… maybe I can manage? Too soon to say. But I am trying to develop “habits”

Like paying attention to plants.
Like checking YouTube for recipes and experimenting in the kitchen
Like decorating the house
And adding more photos on the walls ❤ Mostly taken by me.
like Reading.
and watching interesting shows! This one’s called CHURAILS.

There is another hobby brewing that I will share soon because it’s still under-developed and I am not too sure but it does excite me…..just not enough though. But I am moving up.

It’s a good feeling to confidently say that I AM FINE without looking down or hiding myself.

Oh, an hour ago I recorded a video of me wearing a top that used to fit me well at one point of time, not too long ago. So I am documenting my weight loss…. the top is super uncomfortable now. I will wear it again on the 16th of October, 2020.

But I will meet you before that. Probably a kilo lighter, a few books finished, a new dish mastered, Churail’s review and some new plants in the house.



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