Change begins at home.

Make India “ye ladko ka kaam nahin hai” free.

Start from home.

It’s upon our generation to make our children know that work is work & it cannot depend on genders. e.g. : Picking up your plate after you are done eating is etiquette; not your mom’s/sister’s or wife’s/ househelp’s duty.

I’m proud to be a wife of someone who has these etiquettes. Bhai apna cup dho doge to Biwi aur respect degi 🤟

Jokes apart, I love living with someone who doesn’t think that ‘it’s not his job’. He helps by just moving his butt for the smooth functioning of the home. Like I do. We do what we can. And I deeply appreciate that. 💙

This pandemic has done some good too. During the complete lockdown, men of the house stayed at home 24*7 and got to see how the home makers are on their toes almost the entire day. There are women who are working from home, have kids of their own and managing their daily rituals like cooking three meals. Remember women who cook all meals do it because they enjoy cooking and feeding the family, not because they can cook or because it’s their duty. Food is best for your system when made out of love and a positive mindset. And mothers are basically saints who just cannot ill feed their family.

So, please be kind, worst thing you can do is bicker about what’s given to you to eat.

Divide housework and do whatever is in your capacity. You will need to bend your back to broom but you can keep your head raised as the hero of the family 😄 It’s been a challenging 2020.. a lot of people have lost family members to Covid. Lakhs have gone through quarantine and major inconvenience. It has taken a toll on mental and physical health. It has affected relationships. May it never happen to you or your family and friends. Just wear that (very) annoying mask for as long as it’s needed..another year or two ? Wear it. For your family.

Try to keep the atmosphere at home light. Music. Jokes. Play some standup comedy. Enjoy DJ nights on instagram. Movies. Web series. Read. Exercise. Gardening. New recipes. Order party decor and convert your living room into a club on the weekend. Have close family over if it’s safe and party. Talk to each other. Talk to parents. Make them join the fun. Appreciate each other. Feel grateful for being able to do all this in this year.

This could go on and on because my mind is mostly overloaded with things to say. Also, I wasn’t in my best health and up for cooking this morning so there’s Maggi for lunch and I’m too excited about that. My husband very sweetly took what was in the fridge from last night.

Oh bottomline…please be nice to the women in your house. He’s getting his favourite pav bhaji tonight. ❤️


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