Sweet time..

Well, “getting ready” these days means putting the bra back on and maybe nicer pajamas? I have turned LAZY. I am out of make-up, I don’t care – mostly I just put on a kajal and I am set. Maybe some fancy hairclips to pin up the badly cut (self cut) hair from a couple of months ago. I did that when I was bored, not angry. ;p

I am mostly cooking or sleeping or watching a show these days. Sometimes, I end up reading a bit but then going back to Twitter/Instagram. That is the only disadvantage of using Kindle I feel. The distractions. But then, it’s all about controlling your mind.

My doctor has told me to lose 5 kilograms by December. I am taking it as December END and not the 1st. Oh well, I think I lost half already. How? Light dinners. Imagine what will happen if I worked out? I’ll be too sexy for social media. Ha!

I will be getting a relaxed weekend after a while. I am going to be with the parents for two nights. AFTER AGES. Something that I did all my life feels like a luxury when I get it now. 🙂

Okay, most of my posts are so random and mostly “what’s up?”s .. I think I must pick a topic and write about it now. Discipline yourself as a writer girl.

I am bored by the thought of a “topic”. So whatever. Let this be :>

I shared a material thing of mine with someone after a long time today. Usually I am averse to sharing but I think I am growing up. Everything happens when I really want it to happen. I just cannot force it…or fake it. Well, I am selective as fuck though.

In it’s own sweet time…. my life turned into beautiful pink roses.


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