3:51 am

Oh yeah. It’s that time of the night. I must obviously be going through something to be up at this hour, you’d think.

We can call that condition “Midnight Hunger Pangs”

I’m trying to distract myself. Writing > stuffing my face after working out in the evening. It takes a lot out of me to actually put the shoes on, play a video and finish a workout.

I did it..and obviously ended it with a finger workout as well. A selfie. A series of selfies, rather. Because the first one rarely comes out right..duh.

Now I don’t want to waste the effort by eating rice at this time. I’ve got to get rid of the chocolates too….

Stfu inner voice. It’s whispering, “but life is too short to give up on chocolate”… in a sing-song voice too. Ugh.

Why am I doing this?

1- It’s my closest Friend’s wedding next year and I of course want to be the hottest amongst her married friends at least. Ha ha ha.

2- My doctor has advised me to lose 5 kilos by December.

3- I want to fit into a few of my most amazing clothes next year because I think we will get done with this pandemic and I might want to bring some sexy back.

4- My back has been acting up and I just don’t want body issues at this age already. So it’s time to get fitter.

5- I’d want my baby girl (Inshaallah) to look up to her mum and put my super fit pictures on her Instagram hashtagged #MyMommyStrongest

#MyMommyIsAmazinglyBeautifulAndHot will do too.

Gosh I’m superficial af.

4:02 am

Good night.




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