The Intern

Be with someone you can talk to. Talk your heart out with. I bitch about him with him, that’s how comfortable I am and his smile encourages me to bark more. He tests my bitch quotient it seems. Hmm.

So it’s that hour of the day again. 4 am. Almost. And I’m writing to you.

I saw a movie today, a beautiful movie. De Niro has always been a favourite, he aced this one as well. It’s a shame Rishi Kapoor passed away, he was supposed to do the Indian version with Deepika Padukone. Would have been fantastic…

The Intern is a sweet story about friendship. Anne Hathaway is this supercool but overworked boss of a successful internet shopping company and De Niro joins the organisation as an intern. Yeah he’s 70. It’s a senior citizen internship program and he gets the job. I LOVED IT.

Anne Hathaway is wonderful..have you seen her episode in Modern Love? She plays a bipolar. And she did it so frikkin well..made me feel she’s actually lived the disorder.

Anyway, coming back to The Intern…if you haven’t seen it, you won’t regret watching this one. It’s how this man from another generation ends up helping this almost millenial superchic boss lady sort her life.

A very simple story and effortless performances.

I saw it with a bad WiFi. Bad WiFi turns me into a bad wife, apparently.

Uff this dependence. Anyway, I think I’ll order a pizza tomorrow. Today. Should I set up a countdown?

I’m so excited.



  1. Ria Sarkar · October 7, 2020

    i loved the intern!! Their chemistry was so interesting, I think i saw it multiple times. plus such real life issues portrayed by effortless acting..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dipti Malhotra · October 7, 2020

      Yes! And De Niro is a legend 💕


      • Ria Sarkar · October 7, 2020

        Absolutely. Perfect example of how age never dulls the magic if you keep honing your skills in any craft 😎

        Liked by 1 person

    • Jeet Malik · October 7, 2020

      You write very well, with an easy likeable flow.
      I haven’t seen The Intern, but DeNiro is one of my favorites too. I first saw him in TheGodfather part 2.
      Take care, bye


      • Dipti Malhotra · October 7, 2020

        Thank you so much Jeet 🙂
        Watch The Intern since De Niro is one of your favourites too 💕


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