It only gets better from here.

Another day, another attempt. Another win, and an inch of progress.

I’ve started working out. Not religiously; can only be religious about a thing at a time. Or can I multi-task? There are a few things I’ve been prescribed to do daily, by professionals and my heart as well. For my heart. For my mind.

My friend came over the other day and I see a few videos added under the “workout” list on my YouTube. I’ll pick one and try today. Doing things for my body..okay, I can definitely do that religiously. Something, anything and for however long.

Progress; not perfection. That’s the motto. I am not competing with anybody, I am not doing it to post before-after on Instagram or Twitter, I am doing it to enjoy the beautiful clothes hanging unused in my closet. They are crying to be worn!

I’m also making sure I watch one movie everyday. Just keeps me sane! Watching a Malayalam flick with English subtitles today on Prime Video.

Chalo, will catch up with you in a bit.


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