October, bye bye.

It’s going to be NOVEMBER in a day and a few hours. Let’s pick up a challenge, shall we?


National November Writing Month? Well according to this “tradition”, writers around the world challenge themselves to write a 50,000 word novel. Ummm….

I won’t be doing that right now but definitely need to pick something and push myself to WRITE on a daily basis as this has been one thing that has proven cathartic.. and God knows we need that right now.

So yes. Just saved a random 30 day writing challenge. Now, I might skip a day or a weekend in between but the idea is to do it for 30 consecutive days. This is for me and not for the reader… if you enjoy it, super, that’s going to be like mint leaves inside my cocktail. I don’t like the “icing on the cake” phrase much.

So, 1st November is a Sunday. Also the day that my househelp will resume her job! Finally. Yes, she has not been here since April. Not that Corona has magically vanished but it’s just not working out for me anymore. I need her help, had been dilly dallying since August but then, it’s time now.

The other day I went to a shopping mall, and no, not to roam around. I needed to see one particular shop. I went, I got shocked and I came back home. I was in shock for an entire day after that.

Nah, I did not buy anything because I lost my shit seeing the number of people there, I was NOT expecting so many. I thought there will be “social distancing” but that seems to have conveniently slipped out of everybody’s mind. Forget social-distancing, I saw a woman taking a picture of her boyfriend while he twirled his lameass moustache. And yes, that means he was not wearing any mask duh. I saw a family that got their baby, less than a year old. I saw lots of people in groups taking selfies. They all looked excited. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was all cute (still lame) in 2019… but hello, which world are you living in !? Definitely not the one I live in. At least not mentally.

Am I over thinking?

No. Corona is still around, VERY MUCH. There is no vaccine, ABSOLUTELY NOT.

So what has changed?

“Ab kab tak ghar baithe

I don’t know…..It’s just crazy, it’s been a crazy year.

I have never HATED going to a mall you know, I used to love it. But that day, I swore not to go again, at least not on a day and at a time when a lot of people were bound to come.

Anyway. I am ending October on a wonderful note. My best friend is coming over tomorrow with her fiancé! She is coming to my home for the first time, since we shifted in January this year. Corona happened and we were in a lockdown so we did not meet each other all these months! You see how Corona has been literally ruling our lives ?! Son of a bitch.

So she is coming and it’s diwali time, it’s going to be lit! Catch ya in November. ❤


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