But I love Netflix.

I think things can start happening only when I stop renewing my Netflix subscription every month.

But one good thing has happened! I have picked up a super-cute and therapeutic new hobby, the details of which I will definitely share with you once my first project is complete. I love it! I love it so much I have even registered a separate account for it on Instagram.. ha ha.

And oh, the writing challenge thing is still on (in my head) – I just have not STARTED it :p I want to do it consecutively once I start.. yeah I have procrastinated and six days of November have already ended. I know, I know! But it’s Diwali time and I am just excited….and busy, sort of. Trying new things in the kitchen as well. Ooh I loved the hummus and I made Besan laddoos last evening for mom and dad! We are visiting them this evening and my brother’s family is coming over as well.

Merriment, O Merriment – thy name is Diwali.

Okay, excuse – excuses. Fine. Monday!! 9th November. Phew. Let’s do this.

Let me share my karwachauth photos before I sign off! It was not an easy one this time. Thanks to the pollution in our city, my throat was parched throughout the day. The moon came out around 9 PM. Well, it was an excuse for a moon. HAZY AF! It was barely visible and we just did whatever we could. The good thing was my pizza was waiting in the kitchen…and I did not have the energy to be cranky about a sad-ass moon. Trust me it was really hazy. Nothing like they show in Bollywood alright. Anyway, all’s well that ends well. Selfies to aa gai :p


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