Hiit it.

I think my battle with weight started around my 12th standard – I never liked my body. Though when I look back now, I’d die to be in the body I flaunted even 4 years ago. I’d be VERY HAPPY with it but I don’t remember being thrilled about it back then.

Maybe the issue is how I feel about it than how it actually is.

Anyway, currently I am over-weight by 13 kilos. This has never happened before and though I should be in a state of shock today after checking the weight, I am not. I knew I’d have crossed a certain figure but actually seeing it does make you feel like shit for a moment.

I calmly went into my room, put on the sneakers, a sports bra, the workout clothes and switched on some HIIT on YouTube. It was a 30 minute video divided into three circuits, I did 20 minutes. I am proud of myself.

The last time I got the strength and motivation was in October when I had started working out at home. And then, something happened – I can’t remember! Some excuse. And I lost the momentum. Festivals – desserts – chums – winter – laziness – chocolates.

Enough. I need to lose weight. But the reason is same – I do not like the way my body is. I don’t enjoy shopping anymore. I hate the Large section. I have an issue with the word Large. I am confessing. I have a negative body image right now.

What I think I need to do it, work on having a positive body image along with being consistent with my work-outs and diet. I have to shed the extra kilos to have better stamina, to feel younger, to have a stronger back and knees, to have better hair and skin. I will never deny that I love compliments. I never dig, I shy away but I secretly crave for a, “You are looking good!”

Before anyone else says it though, I want to compliment myself. I want to compliment myself on today’s workout. Good going girl.

Ps: What motivated me this time? My home. My home has started looking so, so beautiful that I just want to look like the queen who owns it. So let’s do it.


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