December 14th, 2020

3 days into a regular workout and I feel much better! No, of course my body has not changed already (no short cut to miracles) but the relationship that I have with my body has improved. I have become more accepting, kinder and positive. I am not wondering why I did not get on this path earlier, but I am glad that I did now. I am in my late 30s and I have seen such fabulously fit people in their 50s as well. For me, the goal is to enjoy every single piece of clothing that I wear, not feel a strain in my back when I suddenly get up, not go out of breath climbing stairs and be able to keep up with my family and friends on trekking trips haha!

Anyway. Off Topic. FOOD.

I am finally trying this south Indian delicacy called Masala Dosa today with Sambar and Tomato chutney. Oh Yum. I am already salivating. It’s Monday…I want every Monday to feel like a Friday or a Saturday. I want me and my closest to eat well, live well and be excited about things as small as a new dish. Actually, to be able to relish small joys in life is the real joy of living.

Will share how it went.

Now I will start today’s workout and carry on with the rest of the day – enjoying every moment. I have never been happier and more grateful. Thank you.


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