17th of December

This was me, three years ago. Today, I cannot believe I was wearing this because today – I AM FEELING SO BLOODY COLD!!! I AM LAYERED. UNBELIEVABLY LAYERED, HEAD TO TOE. haha okay. Yes it is cold! and this was 17th December 2017 – the day me and Varun exchanged rings. It was a special day, very special day. I met so many people for the first time – overwhelming. I kept a smile on my face throughout – unlike me! hahaah

But these are some amazing memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I revisited the album and found so many pictures I had not seen! The photographers did a commendable job capturing every moment with friends and family. Thank God for cameras!

We, as a couple, are in a good place now. First two years were rocky for sure…but God has been too kind. Next week, we will celebrate our 3rd anniversary in a very simple way – just the way it suits us. Just the two of us and loads of coziness. IT IS COLD ~!@!

OK. Back to my beautiful kitchen ❤


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