Everyday romance..


Different people, different perceptions. My romance is in comfort. It is in holding hands. It’s in him suddenly coming close to you at night and finding your hand..with his eyes closed and then smiling a little. With his eyes closed.

It’s in saying a little prayer for him, in cooking his favorite things, in sharing the burden..

It’s in setting up the table, keeping the better glasses for our drinks on a Wednesday night. It’s not just for guests, it is for me and mine first.

Romance. It is in laying on his chest and reading a book while sunbathing. Romance is in playing songs for him on our long or short drives. It is in him keeping my hand in his’ even while changing the gears of the car.

It’s in him saying, “I miss your skin” when we are apart.

Romance is in taking his photos and displaying them on my Instagram stories.

It’s in waiting for him and eating together. He brings our morning tea in bed and smiles, I say a silent prayer thanking God for this miracle. Everyday.

Everyday romance. Sweet days. The making up after fights. Laughing at the silliest of things together. Having private jokes no one else would understand. A relationship grows as you grow, you grow as your relationship grows.

❤ One of my biggest joys is seeing my loved ones sleeping peacefully.

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