Cozy heart.

Not feeling evil. I don’t remember the last time I did something bad on intention. Mistakes? Yes for sure. Loads. Have hurt the closest but then, the people who matter always get the apology. Immediately. I can’t do anything that disturbs my peace of mind. I love sleeping. I love sleeping well.

Last, this morning – I was dreaming we were away…some hill station maybe. Ugh? No but I was happy…..I was excited to explore the place. It was not a hill It was some cute little place though. I wanted to try some new liquor and I was telling my friend to hurry up, get ready. I woke up excited as if I was still there. But I was home. I was still in a good place. I am.

I am able to type today. Finally got a bit of sun – a 30 minute window that is almost over.

Okay, so January is almost over. It’s the 28th already and we managed just fine. February – a shorter month, the weather will change for better. I am NOT a winter person. Me and my heart are glad it will be spring soon.

I soaked in a lot of sun, I read a few books and I have got many more to.

Life is good.


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