Hi !

I just fell in love with a sandwich that I wouldn’t share with anyone. Reminded me of my favorite TV Character : Joey Tribianni. The one who does not share food! ❤ Talking about TV Characters..Moira Rose comes a close second to Joey. This woman is all kinds of crazy and adorable. She is what she is – take it or leave it. She screams, she is a diva in her own right, no one can unsee her – she is ALWAYS dressed up – even in her sleep. And her wigs, oh boy. No, not wigs. They have names – they are girls.

So it’s the birthday of this gorgeous woman who played the iconic Moira. Happy Birthday, Catherine O’Hara! Oh and she just won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Moira Rose in Schitt’s Creek. “Best Actress in a comedy series : Golden Globe 2021” Woah.


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