Hey, I am sort of cranky right now.

Oh My God. I am doing it again. Buying books and not reading them but doing all sorts of random things at home all day. Anne Frank is half read since days. Ok not even half! Almost half. When will it get over! I am NOT enjoying it…I mean, she is going to die in the end and it’s based on a real story. It’s a journal that I am reading… that is not going to end well. It’s all very sad. Okay, reminder – never pick up books only because they are award winners or bestsellers. Pick up what interests you! At least you will finish something !@#!@#

Anyway. Easy breezy intermittent fasting is going on these days and it’s been 4 days I think that I am on this 13:11 plan. It’s a super easy plan – no biggie. And I am not working out these days. So cursing the weight scale does not make sense. I am okay.

I am not really okay, but I am better than yesterday. I cannot say about tomorrow.

I was looking for a photo in my wedding album today and came across this one. It was not taken in black and white, I just turned it into monochrome…..I like it a lot. I think I can get a print of this. I think this is not a candid, it’s one of those phony candids.

So what am I trying to do? I am trying to FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF. By digging in my past? Well yes, I need something. Anything. I need that confidence. I need to compliment myself. I need to build myself up again.

I hate the fact that I asked him for a compliment last night because I was in dire need of one, and all he could come up with was : I love how you take care of me.

Dude. Am I just that now? A care taker. No. I cannot relate to that! I do not like that! I wanted him to say something as stupid as, “You are so sexy, baby.” Ugh.

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