It’s my birthday on the 29th. Day after tomorrow. Though I like to feel special every day of the year but birthday is truly special and ought to be for everyone. I can’t relate with the people who don’t look forward to their birthdays. It’s that day you came in this world!! Hmm, ok anyway!

What plans eh? No grand plans of course, we are still living in the world where a disease is making plans for us. Rather, breaking them. Also, it’s Holi. Not that anybody is celebrating:( Oh how I love Holi. And unfortunate that it’s falling on my birthday…it will accentuate the feeling of “can’t do anything this year either”

Well sure people are traveling, they are going to places, staycations etc. Me? I get paranoid after spending 15 minutes at a McDonald’s too. So, would rather stay in my own city at least.

Um..dear blog, I need to do certain things immediately.

-abrupt byesss.-


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