Well it’s my birthday today and it couldn’t have begun on a worse note. I cried for the first two hours. Don’t worry, it was just another episode. I cry every birthday 😀

What a morbid way to begin a birthday post eh! Silly girl. There’s so much to be happy about. I am! Trust me, I am. Happy, grateful, blessed.

But I am also dealing with a disease for which I am taking help in April. This depression will be pushed away for good because I have my people around.

I am much better now. Out of the episode. There was a lot of talking…I am turning a couple of people into good listeners now. It’s essential for a person to listen first and react/respond later.

It’s the day after my birthday now. Was a sweet, pleasant, wonderful evening spent with my closest ones eating a few of my favorite things. And I am in love again.

I am planning to plan. So I’ll get back with the final plan when it’s planned out. Okay? For now, I am relishing some mind blowing dhokla and chai – sitting safely in my hall watching “I CARE A LOT” on Netflix and actually chilling.

Waiting for him to come back home. Ok back to the movie and the plans.


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