April 7, 2021

The ones who read will always find a way to read. I belong to the generation of people who spent more than just a few minutes trying to connect to the internet, using a dial-up method! Yes, archaic. But interesting. So the things we did and the time we spent online meant something to us! It was anything but EASY; it was earned ;>

And Internet for me meant blogs – this was easily a decade ago. We were a bunch of dreamy eyed, hopelessly romantic girls and boys who had blogs on this website called Blogger, I am sure it’s still active – somehow when I started using wordpress, I could not use any other platform. Just love writing on it – just the vibe. I am yet to use the paid features of this beautiful website. Anyway, I am going to attend the wedding of my closest friend from the Blogging world and now one of my closest people in real life, in a few days time.

Anyway. I have always been the girl who writes a journal… and somewhere along the way, the habit got lost but the itch remained. Twitter took over and my thoughts that actually deserve the space of an entire book got reduced to 180 characters of incessant tweets.

THAT was my mistake. I lost my habit of writing on my blog. It’s the year 2021, the world is dealing with Corona Virus, and I am safe inside my beautiful home – barely going out anywhere, to work or for recreation. Oh that is another post, let’s skip this for now. So basically, I have this opportunity staring at me, sometimes glaring at me, and the inner-voice reprimanding me to stop wasting my time and thoughts on “social media” and get my ass back to journaling. Daily.

I am going to try and re-connect with that compulsive writer I was. I just had to ‘blog’ everything and my readers loved it. It was all heartfelt and beautiful. I wish I had saved those posts. Oh so much as happened since then in everybody’s lives! Can’t even begin.


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