I am at home :)

That hour of the night; not too early – no so late. “I just can’t get you out of my head” seducing my senses.

I like it. I like having a piece of music as I write…

It was a pretty uneventful day but peaceful.

Something funny just happened.. I almost shouted at him right after typing “peaceful” haha. What happened? Nothing, he was just about to do something that would have irked me big time. Didn’t happen. Still peaceful.

I have almost finished – Anne Frank and The Mess You Leave Behind. One is a book, the latter a limited series. Slow – but alright-ish, both. But yes, I will be relieved when they get over. Specially the book. This one took long, I have been distracted.. more than anyone should be. Not that I have a target for the year, like people have this 12 books a year or 20 or 50 or whatever. What I intend to do is always have a book to read…but I got to be faster for sure.

Working on getting rid of my distractions one at a time. It’s very important for my writing.

I miss observing people. Why? Well I am hardly meeting people and I am not using the public transport either. How I miss the Delhi Metro. I have never been that person who dials a number and talks to a friend or a relative. It’s been beyond ages since I went to a coffee shop, sat with a book or my laptop and let my fingers do the talking. Now I am working on creating a vibe at my home only to do my writing.

I hate this masked world – but it’s the need of the hour. We have to keep the mask on for our safety and for theirs. So, I mostly stay at home – which I love, by the way. Hey, small joy of the day. I got this new light installed at home. It makes me smile each time I turn it on. Yes, I have a thing for pretty lampshades. How is it!

Decorating home, inch by inch, corner by corner – over a period of time….. it’s just beautiful. I love home. It’s a friend, it’s my sanctuary.

Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong and laughter never ends.

I will get back to you tomorrow. I have something to talk about.

11:20 pm




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