Done with it.

Yesterday I got the second dose of Covaxin. “fully vaccinated” they say.

Completely secure, not. The mask has to stay. Crowds have to be avoided. Unnecessary travel/venturing out – bad idea.

I don’t even want to, to be honest. Home is just awesome. And when I miss family, he drives me or they come over. It’s fine for now.. what’s more important? Life or sitting at a table waiting for a masked man to bring you over priced food and cocktails?

For every thing else, there’s Amazon, there are various shopping websites. I’ve even bought new sandals online! A first for me.

You may visit a mall, the gym, the club…but what if you have to stop at the hospital on your way back home? It’s a long layover and you may take months to recover.

Stay at home for now.


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