Keep going babe.

First thing first – I am working out and it feels great. I am doing it because I owe it to myself. I love myself and I want to celebrate my body that has been taking care of me since so many years!! This is a resilient body. It goes through changes, ups and downs, the hormones get fucked at times, the mind takes unnecessary stress, it lives in this Covid19 infested world – yet it fights! It does not make me go through a lot of shit people unfortunately go through. Now this body is 39 years old, there are bound to be days when it won’t perform as well as it did when it was 20.. or just 30. I got to make efforts to strengthen the lungs, keep the heart going, the arms and legs moving, the brain functioning. So, there. I am working out and I intend to stay consistent.

Also, I am cutting down on things I don’t need. But that, by no means, mean that I am depriving myself of the things I do need. I am rewarding myself with those things now instead of stuffing them in any time I felt like. It is a challenge for a sweet tooth like me, but then, nothing good in life comes easy.

You must be getting motivated – I hope you are. I am getting motivated myself. I am 13 kilos overweight.

It helps that I am surrounded by people who are doing something for their bodies or have just started to. Now, do not compare yourself with anybody – they have their own journey. You have your own. Goals are different, so are the temperaments. What you can pick from someone is the zeal, the dedication and the will to stay consistent – no matter what.

But listen to your body – there will be days when it won’t be needing all that workout – you can relax. On those days, I’d read for longer hours and maybe have my favorite snack as well.

After all, I owe it to my heart too ❤



  1. phenomenal facts · July 2, 2021

    Amazing blog

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dipti Malhotra · July 12, 2021

      Thank you :))


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