Book : Sach Kahun Toh – Neena Gupta

I finished the autobiography of Neena Gupta today. It’s called “Sach Kahun Toh”

304 pages of sheer honesty penned in a spontaneous flow, Neena Gupta’s autobiography speaks to you as if you were sitting across her while sipping on some hot tea. Ok, I just have to add tea everywhere 😉

You can imagine a glass of wine too.

I’ve always adored the woman as an actress, that’s one reason why I picked the book. Another reason being I love reading autobiographical works. It teaches you, inspires you, motivates you more than reading fiction. Real life, real instances, real people with their actual problems and solutions.

She has shared and bared so honestly, you as a reader, end up feeling close to the writer after spending a few days with their it happened to them over the years.

She talks about her mother, her father and brother. She talks about her relationships. She has entire chapters dedicated to each member of her small family; about Masaba, of course, a very important part of her life.

She talks about her long career, her humble beginnings..the rejections, the disappointments and the pain. Eventually about her long due success as she desired, albeit a lil late but still wonderful.

There is an absolute honesty in her demeanour. Be it about her regrets, her mistakes and decisions. And that’s what made this book so likeable.

Neena Gupta commands respect as an actor as well as a woman.

Oh I saw Badhaai Ho again in the middle of this book and admired every frame with Babli and her proud pregnant belly 😍

Read this book ❤️

Ps: Lovely cover photo by Joseph Radhik


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