My heart was sort of achy-breaky yesterday but I am in a good space today. I am happy I am recovering faster now. I am happy I don’t get stuck in a pattern anymore and can dodge an approaching episode effectively. Just sheer will…nothing else. It’s the brain that signals and commands the rest of my body to move…and it’s been co-operating. *wards off evil eye*

I am happy I am trying to stay away from the distractions, though not super successfully but for now, there’s progress nevertheless.

This is a family weekend, a birthday and then Independence Day celebrations with kites, food and drinks. Of course I am looking forward to that, I have something new. There has to be something new for me to adorn, for me to look forward to going out. What’s this dependence? It’s just me being a woman – who loves to make some effort to make herself happier with small joys.

My husband just texted me not to make dinner tonight, he is getting food. God bless every woman with such a man. He knows I am not feeling too well since a couple of days. ❤

I am spending the day with a new book, Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Pregnancy Bible. I am not a mom-to-be yet but somewhere down the line, could be. Who knows? Anyway I got the book because I am Kareena’s fan and could not have missed this one. Moreover, I like reading about the personal lives of celebrities I admire.

I’ll keep sharing how it is, it will take time of course. I took a month to finish the last book. Yah, slow-mo reader :/ I can’t binge read. In fact, I don’t binge on anything – be it shows, food, books, sleep..whatever. There are just too many things to do.

The lists are endless and I like it like that.

Oooh, I got to take some self-portraits today for an online jewelry brand. Good there’s no cooking today, my evening is absolutely free! Catch you later.

ps:, never mind. Will save this for later. Take care!



  1. srijan. · August 13, 2021

    that was very sweet of him 🙂
    also, i enjoyed reading you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dipti Malhotra · August 13, 2021

      Thank you! Enjoyed reading your prescription post too 🙂


      • srijan. · August 13, 2021

        Is it Dominos or KFC tonight? 🙄


      • Dipti Malhotra · August 13, 2021

        Chinese 😉


      • srijan. · August 13, 2021

        lucky youuu🙄

        Liked by 1 person

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