Sorry Aunty-ji.

It seems the heart is like a dartboard for some people. They keep hitting till they get the bullseye.

I really wonder how human beings have lost all the sensitivity and empathy. People tend to say things without realizing the gravity and extent to which the words could drive a person.

I had a terrible night. I met some people after ages; after the whole Covid thing started in the world and we stopped socializing. And a couple of them highlighted that I’d gained weight. I know I have, your asking me won’t confirm the thing. It’s visible. I have gained 5-6 kilos since the whole thing started..but somehow it seems like I have gained twenty. Probably. Anyway, I could not enjoy the pizza that everybody was raving about. How could I ? The woman who shamelessly fat-shamed me could see me and I felt really awkward grabbing a pizza right after the incident…that no one else knew about.

I should have grabbed two slices instead? Hmm, in retrospect, I feel the same.

How can someone just blatantly point something like someone’s insecurities out? Everybody has gone through a degree of stress in these last few months.. a lot of us have even lost a friend/family member. People have lost jobs. People have lost the will to go out of the house. And all some people can see is that a girl has put on weight. Nobody asks, “so how are you? how has the lockdown been for you, how are you holding up?” etc.

People – the people who we don’t even know well, these are some relatives I am talking about, these people have the audacity and zero empathy to actually ask, “you’ve put on weight”, with that disapproving look on their face. Yes, aunty, I did and so sorry about that because now I have even lost the will to eat your delicacies anymore. Bleh. Oh and there was one more… I don’t even want to go there. Not right now. But I will. It’s been irritating the fuck out of me. Not just because it keeps happening with me, but I see this happening with a lot of people, male or female. More with my sex.

I just want to say this right now – Mind your own body and your business. Also, respect is earned. I won’t respect someone just because they are a certain age or relation. I was not born obligated to respect you.


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