Chocolate dreams.

Sitting besides a beautiful lampshade and a big areca palm in my living room…I am feeling alive today. Not a morsel of food around though it should be. Getting my breakfast in just a bit. Just wanted to talk with you..

I have some clarity in my head regarding an important matter…I have decided not to be afraid of the future – what is the point? Since when did I start thinking about the future.. the fatalities and the eventualities? It’s futile. Letting go of the unknown and daring to dream again… because it’s just a waste of life not to dream.

So yeah. That’s where my head is at, right now.

My parents were home last evening and it was all fuzzy+warm and beautiful. Songs, tea, sweetness and my closest people under a roof – I spent some lovely moments with them and savored. ❤

and I continued to sing after they left. Legs crossed, faces being made, vocal chords being tortured – I am a BAD singer but I love it. I was Lori Lieberman of the Fugees killing Killing Me Softly… not so softly. But what fun.

Maybe, just maybe I will share it online some day. Why should my husband be the only privileged one to hear me :]

Sorry in advance. Umm now I am hungry. 11:41 am

Catch you in a bit. Leaving with the latest of me… :*


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