Will I write everyday?


11:53 am


I woke.up pretty early today. It was still 6:20 am when I stepped out to take a photo, the sky looked surreal.

After this, I went back and got in bed with him…he woke up after some time and then we started the day.

I’ve been pretty low on energy since a couple of days. That time of the month. Anyway, I’m glad I can relax as much as I want. Thank God for that.

In fact, I’m sleepy now. Or there are some pent up tears. I think I don’t have the energy for tears at the moment.

Changing the topic..

I am making something super cute, will share tomorrow. *Hopefully* – it’s one of a kind. Like most of my things are. Like I am. Like he is. 💛

Leaving with the latest of me

With Sonal on the 2nd of October 💛
Lunch at Dhaba, Connaught Place

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